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A Happy New Run Year

05:01:16 run

Time : 1:07:52
Distance: 8:05 km
Average Pace: 8:26/km
Fastest Pace: 6:11 km
Total Ascent: 200 m
Total Descent: 290 m

Today’s run was fuelled by determination to get back into running after yesterday’s post. It was a trail and beach walk/run combo.
I woke up after a good night sleep and was determined to go for a run. I wanted an easy run and so I picked the slow terrain route around the hill instead of any road route. It was so wet! Parts of the road was floored still actually come to think of it, every bit of the road that wasn’t tarmac was flooded which was the entire 1st km of my run. It was ankle deep mud and puddles. There was and most likely still is a 10 inch deep puddle right next to O&M’s house and by the time I got to the ‘wet all year around’ section my shoes were wet and it didn’t matter to me any more. I just kept going. I headed up the hill from the far side and got to the same old bench. It felt good to be there. I had surrendered my ambitions about pace and was just glad to be there. 3 km with pretty much all of the 200 m ascent.

Then I dropped down on the main forest track to run along the country lane that leads to the south end of the beach. On my way down Saleen Lane I was assaulted by one of the resident puppies. A greyhound that just wants to lick you to death. It’s hard to be cross with a puppy even if he covers you in mud front and back.
When I got to the beach the sun came out and I stopped for a few minutes just to be there – and take a few pictures. The latest winter storms have caused a lot of coastal erosion so it was exiting to just explore and look at all the flotsam and jetsam.
I ran the last 2 km on the beach and because i was wearing my new headset i had music which was different. When i got to where I was meeting J for a walk I just let the music take over and i ended up skipping and dancing around all by myself. -Dance as if none is watching- because nobody was so i got to dance a bit. I was very, very happy to be there. And in great from for a little 2 km walk when I met J.