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Beach hopping on my Sunday long Run

Total Distance: 20 km
Total Time 2:35
Total Ascent: 314 m
Total Descent: 212 m

20:09:2015 run

The forecast for today wasn’t great so I thought it would be nicer if J and I did are walk on the beach before I head off running. So the first 5.6 km of this run were actually a walk before I headed off to run a km on the beach heading north. I crossed over the bridge and then hit the road and continued in the northerly direction. It was fun to run the loop I normally do counter clockwise. I got lots of new vistas (and photos). Tubberduff and Clogagh looked so inviting that I tempted fait and headed back onto the beach. It was spectacular. the beach was quite different from Kilgorman Beach. It wasn’t really hard enough for running but at least it was flat. Some kids must have been quad racing on it because there were lots of tracks going up and down the entire length of the beach.

At the northerly end I scrambled up the dunes and ran/walked the coastal trail over to Kilmachael Point. Such a beautiful, beautiful location… and then you get to see Clogagh beach to the North and I had to restrain myself and turn back onto the roads to head west and then south again.

At that point it was lunch time and though it was Sunday, traffic was on the increase and I didn’t enjoy it that much to be out on the roads to be perfectly honest with you. In Castletown I headed east and then onto the minor roads for some peace and quiet. My legs were pretty dead at that point so I started walking the uphills.

The sun was baking, with the hedges there was lots of wind shelter and I was out of water and overdressed. So I decided to take off my top. And I swear to god, on a stretch of road where I never ever meet a car, one came around the corner just as I was getting my head back into my top AND another runner! I just laughed!

It was a beautiful run but I did walk most of the very soft beach and uneven trails around Kilmichael Point. And my legs were seriously tired on the way back up home. 340m total ascent. It felt like all uphill to me. My bruised toe gave me trouble on the downhills so I couldn’t make much headway on those stretches either.

Not my best run but I still had a good time and that elated feeling you get when having done it even though it was tough.

Oh and it did start raining once I got back home, perfect timing in the end…