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for real – you couldn’t make this up

Two days ago I trimmed the trees in the driveway, many of the lower branches have been encroaching on the drive and are scratching the cars coming to or leaving the house. There are possibly a dozen or so trees all about 10-15 years old. Their growing conditions are less than ideal as they are planted too close along the paddock fence and the cows are enjoying a frequent munch on the leaves of the lower branches

bending and breaking off not just the branches but the entire tip of some of the trees. Add to this one sided abuse a very common strong breeze from a north easterly direction… and these trees are bound to be rather out of shape.

So I chopped and pruned to correct some of the weird shapes that have developed. After a while the entire driveway was covered in big branches many of which some 8 feet long. And when I finally broke the sheers on the last branch I had the gargantuan task of tidying up.
I didn’t want to do it so I tried to barter myself out of it, offering John a trade, cooking dinner for a tidy. Didn’t go down to well (dinner was left-overs from yesterdays, so it was what you could call a bum deal!) But him being the kinda super nice guy that he is, mucked in anyway. After one trip with the wheelbarrow, which ended up falling over under the load we had piled onto it, and then loosing a good few branches on the journey to the very back of the back garden… we decided to use the old van (it has been dormant for at least a month now, so needed to be started up to be keep alive anyway) for the remaining branches. So I got into the van, started it up (it did start, a tiny bit reluctantly) reversed the van up to the top of the drive and we started loading. Meanwhile the cows had come up from the lower field and were all bunched up against the fence, pushing and shoving each other, having a good look and making an absolute racket, mooing and snorting and huffing and puffing.

Some 15 minutes later we we’re done loading, the van was full. And when we  to go to start it up… flat battery. Meanwhile the cows were getting exceedingly excited as I kept throwing the short branches overr the fence so they could graze off the last remaining leaves within their reach.
Anyway, we now had to find the jump leads to jump the van with the car… so we walked back to the house, no jump leads… we found a tow rope, drove the car up… before getting into the tow we checked for the jump leads in the back of the van (where the branches were sticking into your head while rummaging behind the drivers seat), meanwhile the cows were still pushing and shoving and mooing and snorting and and huffing and puffing and now munching some 4 feet away from us.
So we finally got to jump the van with the car, drove a van load of branches to the back of the back yard and eventually had dinner, over an hour later. The cows got fed before we did today and they are not even our cows.

You couldn’t make this up. It really happened.
P.S.  I was too tired to do anything useful with those branches that night, another story for another post.