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Socks for my real life friend


I have a friend who lives thousands of miles away and yet she feels closer t me than most of the people I know in real life. In real life, what exactly are we trying to say with that anyway? Is the woman who serves at the deli counter in our little local shop a person from my real life? And someone I share daily thoughts, someone I talk to on a regular basis via facetime, someone who is sending me knitted hats just because she is in the mood, is she not a real life friend of mine?

We’ve never met face to face and somehow that excludes her from the real life category… what a stupid way to refer to friends you made online.

I sent her these socks for her birthday, knowing she wears them makes the friendship we’ve developed over the last couple of years very much real. It doesn’t get much more real than socks, sure it doesn’t?

Oh and I have a matching pair I’m wearing on my feet as I type, maybe that’s why I’m writing this today. The socks in the photo have been with my friend for nearly a months now. With all the running blogging I didn’t get around to writing about it before.