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two months of silence

I’ve run another half marathon, I did so without an injury (except for my big toe going black!). I had a great time! I even have a race report somewhere. It’s all on my phone though and I want to dig it out and post it here but it will have to wait. Being away from the computer for over two weeks in June somehow broke the mould of regular posting though. After my last trip to hospital I was on different medication that didn’t agree with me at all. It made me sluggish and drowsy and tired. I really didn’t like it. The drugs were meant to reduce my risks of potential complications. I found it hard to justify taking them with such a drastic drop in quality of life. I’ve come off the drugs about a week now and I feel so much better! I stop feeling sick. And that’s all I want.

During the past two months I did a few runs and a bit of walking when I couldn’t run. Today I had a really great run though. For the first time since the HM I felt I can do this again.

total distance: 7 km
time: 43 min
average pace: 6:07 min/km
fastest pace: 5:00 min/km
total ascent 80 m

I turned down hill and did the loop on the back roads to get to the Anchor (pub in Castletown) then headed south along the coast road and then turned onto the beach where I met J for our (at the moment) daily walk – another 5.5 km.

Roads are a bit busier now that it’s August. There are a lot more tourists around. But if you go early enough you can avoid most of the traffic…

The beach walks are incredible at the moment. Today we got pretty wet because there were some heavy showers. I didn’t mind it though, I was still warm from running. And once it stopped raining and I got blow dried by the fierce wind we currently have, I pulled out my hoody to make sure I don’t get cold in my thin running top.

It is wonderful to be able to share the beach and the walking with J. We live in this incredibly beautiful place and somehow we have forgotten to live it.

We walked in the surf today. A first.

There are plenty of photos from the latest beach walks on IG.