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Early Morning Sunday Run in the Rain

run 23:08:15

Distance: 8:44 km
Time: 55 min
Total Ascent: 130 m
Total Descent:233 m
Average pace: 6:35/km

We’ve had a good summer this year. Of course it could have been better, warmer for sure. Overall we had a good few summery days though with plenty of sunshine. Maybe because we’ve been going down to the beach at least every other day I’m not that annoyed when I wake up to a very rainy and wet morning after a night of torrential downpours. I was just happy that is was nearly not raining when I woke up at 7.

It was raining, I really wanted to go though. So I got up and had some breakfast before heading out the door around half past eight. It was wet outside not just from above, there was a little stream on our road going down the hill… I turned for the road to Castletown not expecting much traffic at that time of day on a Sunday morning. I think I met a grand total of 5 cars before I turned off onto my favourite coast road after about 4 km.

I stopped for a photo at the ‘cliff edge’ sign post at 6 km and then headed south until I got to the bridge over the stream at the beach (7km) to finish the run with my last km and a bit on the beach before meeting my lift back home to spare me the climb back up the hill.

A good easy run.