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core workout – because I still can’t run

That’s actually not really true. It is true that I didn’t run today to give my knees another rest day. I don’t know if that alone would have motivated me enough to do core work though. Someone on DM ‘reminded me of my lack of effort’ regarding core workout. She said she had trouble with falls during here cross country training tripping over roots and things until she started to work on her core stability and that it really helped her catching herself and avoiding crashing down if she stumbled.

And I just thought, absolutely true! The fact that I haven’t done any regular core stability work a serious or regular fashion is probably a mayor factor in my last two accidents while out running.

So I downloaded the seven minute workout app yesterday because a simple target like that is possible and will keep me motivated. I’m confident I can stick to it in the same way that I manage to keep up to date with duolingo for my Spanish.

R told me about another app called skimble. It’s a monster of a workout app with lots and lots of choices. I picked ‘slim and tone core’ it’s one of the free workouts, takes 30 minutes and is quite intense.

It has the following exercises: 2 sets of 60 secs on each exercise

Plank on Ball, Ball Plank Pikes, Ball Plank with Leg Lifts, Oblique Shoulder Rotation on Ball, Ball Crunches, Hip Raises on Ball, Oblique Ball Crunches, Bridge on Ball, Bridge with Leg Lifts on Ball, Stability Ball Hamstring Curls, Churn the Pot on Ball, they are all good core stability exercises provided you control your speed and do them slowly for the first 10 workouts.

AND Ball Leg Lifts and Ball to Foot Passes, NEVER do them unless your core is so stable you can keep the lower back on the floor throughout the entire set (which is probably going to take any ‘average person 6 months or longer, maybe never!). It’s certainly a potentially back damaging exercise and should be avoided by anyone who has an existing back condition.

Oh and on a personal note, the planks, pikes etc on the ball are too sore for my knees just now, so I did squats and other prone back exercises instead. And then I finished with some back and hip flexor stretches.

I’m looking forward to using both these apps again and once I get familiar with the sets I intend to listen to some Coffee Break Spanish while working out :-)