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week 7 – interval training in the morning sunshine

distance: 4.4 km
time: 30:45 min
total ascent: 95 m
two splits with fastest pace of 4:40 and 4:50/min
average pace 6:59/min

The forecast is pretty rotten for today but there was a tiny bit of morning sunshine predicted for 8am. Well, surprisingly they got it right. I woke up to a clear blue sky and though I hadn’t slept that much due to binge watching HoC season 3 (which is as boring as real politics – not sure who said that the other day on J’s twitter feed, but it is true :-( ).
Getting out of bed was easy knowing this might be my only time to go for a run today. After a quick breakfast I drove down to Courtown to test my new runners on the road along the sea front. I did 6 x (1.5 min fast plus 1 min slow, with a fastest pace of 4:50 /km in two of the splits) and a few extra km before and after. It’s a flattish run but the app still registered 95m ascent, so I guess flat is relative ;-)
And when I was done the clouds started to appeared. I stayed around for a few more photos and 15 minutes of stretching and core work. There was an empty park bench I used for dips , planks, push-ups etc. It was weird to do this in a relatively public place. By the time I was done the town had started to wake up a little and families with small children and dog walkers started to appear and it made me rather self conscious. It was time to go, the sun had disappeared and as I drove off the first drops started to fall. By now it’s a sleet and rain mix out there.

That’s island weather for you.

run 01:03:15