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Deary me!!!

It’s been weeks since my last post! I am sending these words into the big vast ether of the internet. In past times people might have said “dear father… etc… it’s been 12 weeks since my last confession.” But as I don’t want to appear blasphemous… I shall not feel guilty about this either!

So much has happened since then. I spent weekends and weeks away and all of a sudden the trees are bare, the days are getting really short and there is a chill in the air. The cats are spending a lot more time indoors. Yesterday, I noticed they are putting up the Christmas decorations in the main street. I haven’t been down to the beach in ages and know I will most definetly do something about that tomorrow.

A rather annoying thing that happened in the last coulpe of months, I fried my hard drive and lost all the content I had prodced in 10 months because I had failed to do regular back ups. So lots of pictures are gone. Ah well, good enough reason to go out and take new ones!!

I missed my niece’s birthday (big sorry to her) and my nephew’s birthday (big sorry to him). I did think of them but just didn’t get arround to writing anything let alone send a present. But I haven’t forgotten not that that helps or is any consilation.