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An ordinary day?

Yesterday was just another day. We needed to repair the car because the radiator overheated. This is usually due to an airlock in the cooling system and it’s not the first time it happened. The radiator has an expansion tank which depends on an o-ring, if there is a leak, eventually the system overheats and all the water in the world will simply drain out. So we decided to take the expansion tank off and clean the entire unit.
Funny enough we weren’t the only ones interested in the front of the car yesterday morning. Morle had camped out all night right in front of the left tire, se we suspected a poor creature holding out somewhere in the engine room affraid of it’s life to come out and make a run for the high grass. So, Morle got bribed with some cooked ham to get to the back of the house by me, will the hood of the engine was opened. It revealed a little brown mouse. The little brown mouse didn’t realise it the one and only chance to get out but instead he decided to inspect the engine starting by crawling into the pollen filter. Silly us we took out the pollen filter and with it we gave the four legged brown friend the chance to explore the world of heating ducts in a BMW.

Two hours later he finally re-emerged giving the BMW ducting the all clear.