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28th of january – fibers on friday socks

For fibers on friday I bring you a photo of the last pair of socks I finished on the 22nd, last Saturday, and a photo of the sock pair I’ve started to knit while waiting and traveling on public transport. I’m away at the moment.

Sorry about the poor image quality, I took this photo in the evening the day before I left to travel. And for whatever reason, this photo is upside down, quirky but not intentional…

This is the second pair of socks I’m knitting with doubled up yarn. I think for now I like woolen socks better when they are thick. And they are faster to knit because you have only 2/3 of the number of stitches and rows.

The nice thing about being forced into endless waits in waiting rooms, public transport etc is you have a lot of time to knit. As a matter of fact I have knitted so much, I’ve taken my knitting projects to a new level. Knitting now also features on my creative everyday blog because it’s more than “just” knitting. Have a look here.