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week 7 – run induced by cabin fever

distance: 5 km
time: 38 min
fastest pace: 6:33 /km
total ascent: 133 m

I’ve been working in the kitchen all day and it wasn’t a hugely successful day either, all the recipes turned out ok but they aren’t my favourite kind of food. Wheat tends to really affect me badly. My new desk is in front of the window in the dining room, it’s the next best thing to working outside. If the sun is shining it gets nice and warm. Rinker and i compete for the best spots at times. ;-)

There was no rain today, I’ve been itching to go outside and as soon As I had the sense my post eating tummy could handle a mile or two I set out in the last hour of daylight.
I wont say bad idea but it wasn’t the best choice either. I only wanted to run a little circuit at the top of the hill so I chanced it.

The path straight up has disappeared! It’s just turned up soil, like walking up a freshly turned field… Thankfully the incline is so server that running is nearly an impossibility on most of that stretch anyway. It was not much better on top but thankfully much drier than two days ago. i got back just in time to hve enough daylight to see the path.

Finished with a double 7 minute workout of core strength and stretches at home. Nice short run.
run 27:02:2015