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28/04/15 short run around the block

28:05:2015 short run

Total Distance: 4.25 km
Time: 00:28
Average pace: 06:35 pace
Total ascent: 82 m

Quick run around the block before the traffic starts on the narrow country lanes. It looked glorious outside when I got up. It was just 2° above freezing though with an icy wind straight from the North Pole.
28:04:2015 morning run
I’ve switched to the Marathon training program entering the program at week 7. I don’t know if I want to run a marathon one day. I just want to continue training and the only thing that I have to work with without diving into big research or analysis is the one on the run meter app. It will do for now.

I have just under six weeks left before Potsdam. I want to consolidate the distance of 21 km AND get a bit faster doing it. So I intend to up my long runs back to 17-19 over the next two weeks and do short 5-7 km speed runs on my other training runs.

There is a nice bit of flat on this run from 1.5 km to 2.5km that I will test out for speed work on Thursday.