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30/05/15 – Kilmichael Point

Distance: 14 km
Time: 1:40:40
Average Pace: 7:14 /min
Fastest Pace: 5:42 /min
Total ascent: 150 m
Total descent: 240 m

I got up early to make sure I have a peaceful, traffic free run this Saturday morning. It was crispy cold just 5 above freezing but sunny with blue skies. Today’s run was all about confidence building and checking that the knee is holding up. I left the house just after 7 am and headed north. I passed the Golden Anchor in a solid stride of just under 6:00 / min with no discomfort in my knee so I decided to head for Kilmichael Point. The roads were super quiet so i wasn’t forced to run on the edge which made for good running and once I headed for the point on the narrow side road. the worse of any traffic encounters was done.

I love Kilmichael Point. I could live there on that cliff. I’d say it’s insanely breezy all year around and the winter storms must be frightful but it’s a house that is alive! I took the coastal path around the headland for the very first time. It’s fun but the 1.5 km down to the beach on the narrow grass paths isn’t really runnable. It’s stunning though and I don’t regret having taken that route today.

Clone Strand is about 1.5 km again and was fine gravel, today, not great for running either but I didn’t care. It was just good to be there. My favourite road section connects Clone with Tubberduff/Kilgorman Beach. Knowing I’ll be spending over two weeks in Berlin next week i couldn’t resist another bit of beach running for another km until I finally turned for home at Kilgorman Cross to do my final km on the road before J picked me up. I could have run home but I decided against it to not push too hard to close to the race.

Fantastic run. Knee was ok not perfect but I could manage it. With all the back exercises I’ve been doing I have much better pelvic mobility now and I can actually feel it if my pelvis drops forward during running. I really focused on that throughout the run. I ran quite slow on the second half of the run making sure to run with an upright pelvis and lifting my knees. It stopped me from draging my (right) foot/feet and gave me a much more upright body position.

I got a bit of confidence back not just for Potsdam but for running in general. My fall three days ago really made me question the wisdom of running these long distances. Today was much, much better.

30:05:15 run