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Wednesday’s Run

Total Distance: 14 km
Total Time:1:38:00
Average pace: 6:51/km
Total Ascent: 195 m
Total descent: 195 m

Busy days in our house. We have builders insulating our attic so it’s all a bit of a mess with the normal routines. Plus there is that pesky activity called ‘work’ to deal with too. Oh and the rugby worldcup…
My run on Wednesday was my first bit of me time in what seemed like an entire week.
Anyway, it was glorious. The beach was lovely, no husband though so I had to run back up the hill for the last 3 km. not my fastest run but a nice one all the same. Thankfully the weather dial hasn’t found autumn yet. We are having fantastic late summer weather here in ireland.

30:09:2015 run