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Easy Sunday Morning Run

Thursday I wanted to go for a run, Friday I wanted to go for a run, yesterday I wanted to go for a run. You’d think I did do all those runs but no! Instead I simply felt like I had, I felt absolutely wrecked all yesterday. I basically slept. I had a massive lie in, then I napped again after breakfast and around lunch time for another 3 hours and ended up going to bed around 10 pm.

I was glad I didn’t feel like a complete zombie when I woke up this morning and so I got ready to go out.

I did a slow Sunday run down over to Castletown Church and then past the Anchor to the seafront. I headed north along the coast for a km then turned back and on to the beach. J picked me up at km 10.

I left around 8:30. It’s getting cooler now. I bought a new jacket last week and was delighted to be able to try it out today. Its high viz so I feel like a county council worker running along the road in it. I counted cars this morning. 8 cars throughout the 8 km I ran on the road :-) and they all behaved very nicely.
The beach was really nice for running this morning too.

It was a slow run at no point did I push harder. I just wanted to do 8 km, the beach run was a bonus for good behaviour.

04:10:2015 run