and another one

Will I tire of these? Are you? This one is another gift. I’m not telling who I’ve sent it to. It’s a surprise. Maybe I’ll do a give away of one soon. I like making these it’s rather pleasant, private and quite. And I think of the people they are dedicated to when I make them.

I tried to draw an image with the soldering iron. You can see it here as part of my creative everyday challenge. But I’m not that pleased with the outcome.

4 Responses to “and another one”

  1. Kara aka Mother Henna says:

    I will never tire of your wood pieces like this! I looooove them!

  2. angie says:

    I agree with Kara. I just think they are so cool.

  3. Kara aka Mother Henna says:

    Ines, of course you can hop aboard for the heART swap. I'll add you in just a moment. As to "flat" — it just needs to be no larger than a baseball card & flat enough to mail in a regular envelope — I just don't want to have to use boxes for mailing. Okay?

  4. Kara aka Mother Henna says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I updated the swap post:

    to include links to ATC bases and envelope options, patterns or online purchase, etc. And I was going to tell you that I often cut my envelopes out of pages from glossy magazines. Works really well! Just in case you don't want to have to buy stuff for the envelopes.


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