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Today I finished off my entry to mother henna’s latest heART swap for valentine’s day.

I did the main bit of my project, the art part last week. My pieces of art are rather small, and flat enough so you can post them, so I wasn’t worried about the fine print. But then I was sort of done and went back and read up on what we had to do.

The brief is…

Make three (3) handmade Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) on the theme of heART, Valentines, Love, Loss, Life, whatever you wish. Cards need to be flat enough to mail in regular envelope (in other words doesn’t require a box to send them), baseball card size 2.5″ x 3.5″ (6.35 cm x 8.9 cm), but can be any medium: draw, paint, collage, fabric, felt, beading, quilted, mosaic, photography, anything goes. You can just cut any paper to this size, alter a real baseball card, or I have seen decks of pre-cut paper this size online at Oriental Trading. Please make this one of your original, fine art pieces though! No collage from magazines, no xerox copies. Put your heART in these three cards. Consider slipping each card into a baseball card sleeve to protect it —

I kind of tripped at the point where it gives the instructions of -baseball cards- and -sleeves- ?? Hmmm, we don’t play baseball in Ireland, gaelic, football and soccer, but not baseball, and cards? She did post the measurements but…

And then Kara helped me out within’ nano seconds of me ranting on her blog about this and posted the solution for my problem… why I hadn’t thought about it myself, I have no idea. I used to make my own envelopes all the time, dooh! But the envelope pdf was PERFECT!

J sometimes wonders why I save so much stuff, well today I used/recycled some stuff, in this case packaging we got in October… a foil of thickish clear plastic!

I moved downstairs to the dinning room table, my studio is pure chaos, acrylics carving tools, computer, camera, dust, cats, hoover, easel, driftwood, solerdering iron… Lovely sunshine today!

I traced the pdf printout on to the plastic with white board marker so the lines would could come off, then I cut them out.

Folding the plastic was easy enough, it didn’t “jump back” but stayed in envelope shape.

I inserted a card, the art and now was in need of a sticker of some sort…

dug out some felt and stuck it on a lable, cut out a heart shape to make these:

and used them to close up the envelopes.

Now, if you want to know what’s in the envelopes, you’re going to have to come back on Valentine’s day! Oh it might be over on daily because it fits with the body theme I’m trying to stick to for the month of January.

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  1. after iris says:

    OK, those are brilliant! I hadn't thought of making the envelope. Cab't wait to see what you've made x

  2. Kara aka Mother Henna says:

    LOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So glad you posted this. You know when we do the Blog Fest — you should add links to both your card post and to this entry, too!
    Soooo cool to see!

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