1st of January – catch up for the 30th December – felting for fibers on friday

Happy New year to you all! I hope you all had a happy, peaceful, enjoyable Christmas and New Year. It’s been a quiet Christmas for us, by choice. Up until the very last day before the holidays we were doing a lot of maintenance and repair jobs on the house so that things would be somewhat in order for the holiday period. I’m never quite sure why everything has to be in order for Christmas and New Year. I know some people go through major redecoration jobs on their homes to have “it” all perfect for the big day.

It wasn’t like that for me. I had the desire to finish some stuff, some jobs just to stop them hanging over me for the days off. For a couple of days I even fell into that trap, get the house ready for Christmas… And then I realised it really doesn’t matter. For us there isn’t much of a difference between the 25th of December and any other day of the year.
In the end I was happy because some of the things I got out of the way in the run up to Christmas just had been put on the long finger for some time and so it felt immensely satisfying to be able to cross them off my long to-do-list.

In between the chores I also managed to knit no less than three pair of felt slippers for various friends as gifts. I’m working on a forth pair as we speak and so I’ll post all those pairs from the holidays as part of my fibers-on-friday.

Pair one in the making:


Pair two was knitted, felted, dried and gift wrapped before I remembered to take a photo. That pair was the same colour as this next, yet to be felted pair:

I used 150g of felting wool per pair and once I have the one I’m working on done I’ll be out of petrol blue and red for a while. :-)

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  1. mirne says:

    Ha, my ideas are exactly the same. The 25th is no different to the 24th or the 26th. They are all the same. We went to our favourite chinese restaurant for lunch on the 25th, and made yummy food on the 26th. We even put up a christmas tree, although we didn’t really feel like it. We justified it because we didn’t put up a tree last year and we won’t put up one this year, and we thought the cats would destroy it. They didn’t (yay!) and we kept it up for about 5 days before it got too much. Hopefully your day on the 25th was as peaceful as it was on the 24th and the 26th. xxx (p.s. our ny eve and ny day was peaceful too)

  2. curlsofred says:

    Ah, so amazing how well you do it. I love seeing your knitting projects :)

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