flying start

I’ve been very busy setting up this new blog and it might take a while for people to find me here, in this newly created corner of the blogosphere, I’m still in beta. But I’m working on it.

This one is for Liam, Amy’s little boy.

5 Responses to “flying start”

  1. caitsmom says:

    Added the new site to my reader. Love the stone for Amy’s Liam. Beautiful.

  2. Barbara says:

    I’m here, here I am.

    Very nice site.


    • forward tumble says:

      good to see you both, Barbara and Audrey, I’m glad you like it. Still a good bit of work to do, but I’m enjoying it.
      Feedback is always welcomed especially if you see things not working properly… Just email.


  3. Catherine W says:

    I love your new home, the photographs (your header and the profile picture) and the beautiful stone you made for Amy’s Liam. Look forward to reading your words here. xo

  4. Love your new home here, Ines!! Beautiful… miracles, k-

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