6th of february – macro monday

I’ve been going up into the forest and to the top of the hill behind our house a couple of times awek lately. You can get these fancy marco lens attachments for the phone but due to budget restrains I’ve been using my old x10 loupe I have left from my geology days and it works ok fine. Looking for macro shots makes me look at the finer details and often marvel at the little things growing on the forest floor, rocks, the bark of the trees, everywhere really.



3 Responses to “6th of february – macro monday”

  1. Barbara says:

    Ooh lovely work. I have an old close-up lens that screws onto my bog-standard zoom lens and the results are very similar.


  2. curlsofred says:

    You attach it to your phone? You have quite an eye for this. Lovely shots.

  3. Catherine W says:

    These are beautiful photographs. It’s strange how they seem to have no scale. I can’t decide if these are tiny little plants or great big ones, or little parts of larger plants. All lovely though.

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