state of the union

All my blogs have gone very quiet. I haven’t been at the computer to blog for nearly a year. If I do go online, I use my phone. I rarely use my laptop anymore. it is 8 years old and very slow.

Also bogging from the phone without a proper keyboard just doesn’t work and certainly not with a touch screen the size of a credit card. The phone has enabled me to join in other photo sharing networks and I have ‘met’ a whole new lot of people to share with. I know I have mentioned this in my previous post, I’m really only reiterating my primary ‘excuse’ for not being here.

When I started blogging it wasn’t just about photos though. I wanted to write. I wanted to write about life and about what captivates me, interests me, the mundane current affairs of my personal little world. And then when Fionn died I wanted to write about my grief and life after loss.
I had so much to say at one point I compartmentalized my ramblings into three blogs, besides this blog I created two further blogs, the gardening blog and the blog for my art and creativity. And all this is gone now. Silent.

My grief no longer tears big holes into the fabric of me, I have a dead son and I can live with that now. I don’t desire to write about him anymore. So why am I not writing about my garden or my creativity? I have been busy and there are plenty of events to share with you both of the progress in my garden and the things I’ve been doing in my artistic endeavors. Maybe it’s because blogging no longer comes easy and the habit has been broken.

And now it’s winter again and I find myself locked into the house by darkness and or bad weather, or let’s say, even worse weather than we had during this non-existent summer.
And I sit at my desk while the fire is cracking in the living room below and my desk is calling me. I am back here. Writing hopefully, and that might just lead to doing some work. Here you go, I’m four weeks late for a celtic new year’s resolution (Samhain) but there it is. Blog, write, paint, sculpture.

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