7th of December – fibers on friday

Now that I’m back to blogging I might as well do a post for the traditional fibers on friday. You might remember my friend Beth and I used to blog about our knitting most Fridays of last winter and during the year of 2011.

So, I’m back knitting. I started this years knitting with a hat for myself. It’s not the best looking hat but it sure is one of  the warmest, most practical and comfortable hats I’ve ever owned. I wear it all the time when I’m out working in the garden, when I go walking up the hill or driving down to the village. I’ve even started wearing it walking through the village and as of yesterday on my trips into the city. Maybe it looks handmade, nobbly and not exactly fashionable. But wow, I’m warm!!  So this is a case of creature comfort overcoming vanity and I’ll extend my bravery into posting one of those very rare selfies to show you the hat.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t use another colour. I used left over wool from way back when for this one so my choices of colour where limited to blue, green, black, white or a kind of rusty brown. I chose to use blue and green running two threads in parallel so that the hat is kind of petrol coloured and also nice and chunky, thick and warm.
However, now that I’m out wearing it into town with the fingerless gloves I knitted last year I am sorry I didn’t pick the rusty brown colour because that would have been a matching set. Ah well. I guess I’ll be knitting another hat shortly just as soon as I finish the socks I’m working on.

Happy Friday to you all!

5 Responses to “7th of December – fibers on friday”

  1. Beth says:

    WOW!!! How nice to SEE YOUR FACE!! I mean, your backside standing up on the mountainside is fine, too, but I always wondered what YOU looked like!!

    I got your note….but I’m heading out for a weekend of camping with my girls….so I’ll write early next week. But YES….a resounding yes….I fancy a swap :-)

  2. Catherine W says:

    Well I think it looks lovely! Although not as the lovely as the face beneath it!

    Glad it is keeping you nice and warm. I like the colour.

    Happy Friday to you (what remains of it) and happy Saturday too xoxo

  3. amy says:

    ok … jealous beth and ines. really. I want to swap but my knitting kind of sucks. soooo… why know both of you lovlies knit ME something and mail it along and I’ll smile brightly and give you both a huge virtual hug. Hmmmm? Sound enticing?

    oh, and i LOVE that the two of you are friends! it’s so much fun to see beth commenting on your blog! i love you both!

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