When I walk the beach now, I don’t hang my head so much anymore.

My husband has opened my eyes to the skies. He loves to fly.

This is him on his first solo, learing to fly. I hope he finishes his licence soon, so we can buy a plane or mircolight and fly across Europe.

He once wrote me a poem (with fridge magnets):

smile my angel
as we fly
caressing the clouds
tasting the sky
on our lips

And I replied:

travel the wind
the blue evening light
sleep on a beach
under the
vast night moon

listen to
a wave

a whisper
of an ocean

life is one great paradise

2 Responses to “Sky”

  1. Dustblaster says:

    Dear Forward Tumble,

    It appears that you and your husband get along with each other quite well. Poems are a passion of mine as well.

    However I do not get the lining of the the rhymes straight. Is this a result of html, or by purpose?

  2. forwardtumble says:

    hi dustblaster (i like the name!!)
    the poem was created with fridge magnets, the lines are somewhat choppy but that was half the charm, I tried to keep them in the same format, so, yes, it was on pupose. :-)

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