podcasts on balancing productive writing with daily inspiration

Yesterday, I started to listen to the Steve Scott Podcasts on”Self-Publishing Questions”. To learn more about Steve Scott and about self-publishing books visit his website: www.selfpublishingquestions.com

In the very first podcast Steve talks about managing time to be able to do what you need to do as an author. I’ve been working on my first book for about 10 weeks (though I did two weeks off for Christmas). I know I have productive times of day and then less productive times. Morning times are my best time of day. Unfortunately they are also my preferred time to exercise. So I started something new today. I set an alarm to get up before it gets bright outside. That way i hope to be able to exercise as early as possible so that there is enough time left when I come back to get work done on the book. I think this will work fine for me for a while, at least until the darkest part of the year is over and the sun returns to this side of the hill again.

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