HR – 9:11 a.m.

run time: 53 min
distance: 7.22 km
average pace: 7:27/km
fastest pace: 4:18/km
total ascent: 226m
total descent: 233m

As I mentioned in my last post listening to Steve, I got the idea to try running as early as possible. I actually woke up before the alarm went off at about 7 am and it was still pitch dark outside! No point getting up for that. However, I was awake and so I decided to have a bit of breakfast before I start my run.

My plan was to do a short 5 k run and then come back and do some strength work.
I left out the back and went straight up the hill behind the house. Sweet Jesus the wind was icy, straight from the north pole! I was glad I was wearing a hat and really could have done with gloves, too.

I headed straight for the photo bench and then deviated from my original planned route because curiosity got the better of me. I could hear heavy machinery on the path leading down to the road from where I was taking my photo. I just had to go and investigate if the forestry people are finally starting their next bit of felling. When I dropped down a hundred meters or so I ‘met’ the jcb but he was only clearing the paths to make sure there is enough space for the heavy harvesters they will be use for the felling.

I ran a loop over to the other forestry track and back up to the picnic spot aka the push-up bench. I stopped there to do 20 push-ups and then ran back down the hill and around to head back home.

Good run! Surprisingly, I’ve been feeling lousy lately. Maybe 7 km is a better distance, but then again running in the sunshine is always much nicer! I also did 15 minutes of core strengthening work once I got back.

Another new thing today was that I listened to (5 more) podcasts during the run. The most profound one of them is about the idea of publishing a book under a pen name. Really got me thinking.

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