HR 12:20pm

distance: 6.03 km
time: 42 min
average pace: 7:04/km
fastest pace: 5:37/km
ascent: 162m

After a late night I got up late this morning. So first breakfast and a few chores then I headed out. Thursdays run didn’t leave me depleted so I decided to keep this one short too. I chose a route starting from our back garden straight up the hill.

The biggest problem with this route choice is a lack of a gradual warm up and in the icy cold wind (currently something like force 6 and above) you really feel cold until you get your body temperature up. So I tend to tackle the first climb to the top at a walk/run mix. It screws my overall pace/time but so be it. I guess you cant have everything.

Today being weekend day and going out so late the hill was busy. I met three walkers, one with two dogs (on leads!)

I stopped at the picnic bench for some core work and total of 35 push-ups (25/10), it’s no fun doing push-ups with an audience…

I listened to a new podcast called coffee break Spanish and really enjoyed that as well as the three episodes of self-publishing authors. Now all I have to find is an app that helps me take notes while I’m out for a run. :-P Kidding!!

I like running with podcasts but I like running listening to the world around me even more!

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