HR – 12:30 pm

distance: 9.5km
time: 1:05:54
average pace 6.55/km
fastest pace: 5:27/km
ascent: 188m
descent: 281m

Got out late to do my run, today. I just couldn’t muster up enough determination to go. They are the ups and downs of running out of doors exclusively. Sometimes I wonder if I’d use a treadmill had I access to one. It certainly would help if I wanted to do speed sprints and stuff like that. I’d like to believe I’d switch to indoor running on days like today. Having said that I don’t think I’d use it enough to justify owning one. So I’m glad we sold it.

Waiting to go for a run had the huge advantage of running in a two hr window of sunshine. It wasn’t pleasant, the weather. We’ve had terribly stormy weather here in Ireland and there is more to come. A little bit of blue sky takes the edge off temperatures just above freezing though. I ran a circle at the top of the hill behind the house with the intention of the dropping down to the beach to do a 10k plus run in total. Somehow my app decided to pause the log after 3km and I only realised it when I got to the picnic spot. So my distance is an estimate.

The beach was tough. Large sections of it were pure gravel and the tide was in so there wasn’t much to choose from. I ended up walking about a km of it.

My mental state went from ok to increasingly irritated… I could have maybe pushed harder on the beach, maybe it would have pushed me into that sense of elation you get from pushing through a wall. Instead I slowed down and settle for just finishing. It was one of those, glad it’s over run. Isn’t it funny how they just belong to running, too.

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