Half-Marathon in April?

I went to the doctor today to renew prescriptions and report back from my last hospital visit. It was a routine visit and there wasn’t much medical stuff to be talking about.

So our conversation quickly switched to running. My GP is a passionate long-distance runner and definitely role model material to be running like she does at her age (yes, she is older than I am). I asked her if she ran Clonakilty in December, she did! Good for her. I said I was thinking of doing the 10k in Wexford on April 6th, I had read about in in a twit post by the Wexford tri club a couple of days ago. And as far as new years resolutions go… Well, last year I decided that this year I want to start racing. So yeah, it I something I’d love to do soon, maybe this year.

My doc replied she’s doing Connemara this year (which takes place a week after the wexford 10k). And then she asked why don’t I run the HM in Connemara instead of the 10 k in wexford and we go up there together (oh at this stage I should add, we are friends not just patient and doctor).

I didn’t say yes, I said, I have to think about it. 30 seconds after closing her office door behind me I knew my answer. Yes! The excitement was pulsing through my body as I climbed into my car and at that point any doubts I might have harboured in the recesses of my brain (or wherever else a body might hold on to concerns, fears etc) had completely washed away.

I just booked a place for my first ever race, a race I dreamed of doing a year ago.

PS. I’d like to add that it was J who booked my registration. It is wonderful to have such backup and support when venturing out into something as big as you first ever race. Thank you, love you with all my heart xxx

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