first training run – 11:44am

run time: 37:40min
distance: 5.18 km
average pace: 7:16/km
ascent: 205m
descent 208m

I spent yesterday afternoon looking for a training plan for my HM. I have 12 weeks to get my milage up to that level again so i thought, why not follow a training plan. My app has one but it seemed a bit bland and boring. Then I looked at other apps and even downloaded one (a marketing product for footwear ;-) ) and so when I set out late morning today I switched on both apps.

The training plan suggests a week of pre-conditioning with a week of slow jogging or comfortable running with a target pace of something around 15:22 min/mile. So I chose a short route straight up the hill and then a circle and a dip on the far side to make it an even 5k.

I can’t say I find running slow any easier than pushing my pace. What does that tell me? No idea…

Having said that, running slow on my hill basically means walking all the uphill sections. What’s new is reducing my run to 5k. I’d like to see how that makes my overall weekly energy levels. Maybe running more often will come easier to me if I throttle down on distance.

I also intend to do some strength work on my off days as a way of cross training.

It’s a beautiful but very cold day here in Ireland, today.

Nice day for some lovely running photos.

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