back to running after a week off

It’s not really accurate to write ‘a week off’. It’s been a tough week with zero energy left each evening so running was absolutely not on the cards.

My training plan has been ‘ignored’ – well it has haunted my actually. Each day I look at what I should be doing and then I have to ‘edit’ the entry and select ‘rest’ and the reason I tick is ‘injury’. It’s still annoying me though because it’s not even a running injury, strictly speaking, but there you go.

I woke up late today and I heard the rain on the velux in the hallway. So i just turned around and slept for another couple of hours. I obviously still needed to catch up my sleep.

My decision to go for a run was made though. And it was mostly because I wasn’t prepared to log another rest day. It’s not as cold as it has been lately, Instead we got plenty of rain today. Thankfully it was mostly mizzle when I stepped out the back door in my running gear, hat and lightweight rain jacket.

The intention for today was to try to do what the plan calls ‘build-up’ with the aim to start at a slow pace for the first mile, then increasing the pace and maintaining it. The aim was to control the pace so that you can maintain it and avoid slowing down towards the end. The target distance was 4.5 miles.

So I climbed the hill at a walking pace and once I got to the ring I started to run at my regular pace. The first circle was ok but on the second lap I found the uphill sections too hard so I ended up dropping pace and walking those. I then decided to drop down on the far side to see if I can get a nice fast pace in on the downhill but I just felt sluggish. The path that links the forest trail to the the road that runs around the lower part of the hill was an absolute mud bath so I was back down to walking or slower navigating puddles and ankle deep muck over a stretch of maybe 150m.

When I got to the tarmac my feet were caked with mud, I felt miserable and not very confident to be speeding up a lot, afraid to slip on the moss covered tarmac on the faster sections.

The run felt insanely slow and while I didn’t suffer any physical blows my confidence got a good knocking today. I seriously question my ability to bring my running back to 20k in the 11 odd weeks remaining.

overall distance: 4.7 miles
time: 1hr 02 min
total ascent: 271m

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