week 2 – the 10th day of training for Connemara

Today was another scheduled training session with the same brief as the one two days ago and the overall aim to increase my pace.

I decided to give the faster pace running my full attention so I used the uphill as a warm up by just walking it. Once I got to the upper trail I did a fast paced 2 x 500m and then faced the next uphill section at a slightly less intense pace. There we loads of people with lots of little dogs, the ones that have attitude and enjoy running around your feet. I usually don’t mind dogs though I do find them bothersome but they don’t scare me. I found them more difficult to tolerate today simply because I’m still afraid of falling.
I ended up not sticking to my original plan of doing circuits at the top because I wanted to get away from all those perros, so i chose to run the entire descent on the far side of the hill thinking that way i leave them all behind. And then just at the bottom gate I ran into six young girls in lycra and trainers and two dogs, mrrff! The didn’t run the hill though. So I was able to put about 100yrds between us in the first straight only to realise I pushed it too hard after my high paced descent. I was totally pumped by the time I got to the path that connects the trail to the lower ring road. I simply had to walk, I was so exhausted my legs were like pudding.

I jogged/walked the remaining mile home.

First I thought, today was as bad as the last time but on reflection I think maybe not. At least I know what went wrong today. I also realised i don’t do very well if there are a lot of people around who are walking while I’m running. my ego gets in the way. I don’t allow myself to set my own pace. instead I’m driven to run faster. Time to eat some humble pie…

Overall distance: 8.10 km
time: 1:00:47
fastest pace:5:03/km
average pace: 7:30/km
total ascent: 236m

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