week 1 – second training session for Connemara

The first week of the training program I follow to get ready for the connemarathon in 12 weeks is called pre-conditioning. It’s a week of jogging to get ready for the workouts leading up to the HM distance in 3 months time.

So I was all set for a nice slow run. Instead of doing the ‘hard’ ascent up the hill behind the house i set out to run around the hill for 2.4 miles and then turn round and come back the same way, thereby eliminating the very steep uphill of my normal routes from training. The weather called for a hat. It has been very cold over night nd the garden was covered in frost. And I finally found a pair of running gloves, too. I’ve repurposed a set of brand new leather and neoprene garden gloves! They’re stretchy and yet warm, just perfect for running!

So out I went into the freezing cold westerly wind. The app said 1˚C but the ground was frozen solid and so it had to be less.

At the big muddy puddle the terrain was easily negotiated because it was hard! it’s very different to run on frozen ground and I found out just how different it is only a couple of hundred meters later when i tripped over the uneven bumps left by the frozen horse tracks.

And I fell – badly!

I landed on my side but my arm got kinda caught underneath my pelvis and my right hand got squashed by my own body weight. Thankfully I was wearing gloves!

I took the glove off and my hand looked somewhat deformed and what worried me most was that my ring finger wouldn’t straighten properly.

I took my rings off immediately and then I called home to ring ahead for a trip to the hospital. i think I broke my finger, I said.

Turns out I did. We had to travel 100 km to the nearest hospital (in Dublin) – this is Ireland. Thankfully I didn’t have to spend too long in A&E. I got an x-ray and the doctor diagnosed a mallet fracture. :-/

I got a date for the specialist hand clinic next week, too.

Today was a run with lots of good intentions gone badly wrong, at least I know exactly where it happened ;-)

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