week three – today I had planned long run

total distance: 8.8 km
time: 1:20 min
average pace 9:08 /km
fastest pace 5:39 /km
330m total ascent

(time is an estimate because the app lost gps signal and paused mid run)

I had a date in town mid morning so I got up early had breakfast and left at 8 am before the sun was up. I decided to run around the hill instead of driving anywhere because today’s run was about distance not pace or time. As well as that, the connemarathon is all about hills so I don’t want to stop running here just because I ‘found’ Courtown Woods.

The run was a bit of a plod but a very enjoyable one. It was such a magical crispy morning, the ground glittered in the sunshine as it started to shine onto the trails of the eastern slopes. All the puddles were dry (because they were frozen) but I took it easy going along the path going around the hill at a very moderate 7:30/km. It was very relaxing so I turned uphill at the main footpath at the far side of the hill, stopped for a photo at my usual spot and then dipped down and straight back up on the main forestry track. I was thrilled to be able to run it undisturbed, though there are signs everywhere, the felling hasn’t started yet.

I ran a circle at the top and when I hit 8 km I decided to head back the same way I came making the run my target distance of about 11km.

Good run until my tumble… at the bottom of the hill. After that it was a 3/4 km limping back to the main road to be picked up by car.

I’d say it’ll take 2-3 days for the scabbing to settle but hopefully that will be all.

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