core workout

I thought I’d be running again this morning but I took the bandages off my knees this morning and they still look very tender and are rather bruised. The really don’t hurt much any more (except if I bend my knees to a point where the scab gets pulled tight). So I gave them a careful wash and decided to leave them out in the open so that the seepy cuts can dry out. It makes for an interesting leg attire in the middle of winter! I’m wearing wooly knee socks and my new hand knitted woollen socks around the ankles and a pair of crops rolled up to just above the knees, get the picture? Silly, I know.

Since I’m not running today I put in another 30 minute core workout after my daily 7 minute workout. I even tried listening to Spanish during it, but that didn’t work at all. The lesson was about numbers and and it was impossible to count reps in my mind while Mark and Kara were singing once, doce, trece, catorce, cince, dieciseis, diesisiete, diesiocho, diesinueve, viente… (apologies for any misspelling, I can only sing this, not write it yet).

So today’s workout grand total:
31 jumping jacks
30 sec wall sit
15 crunches
15 step ups
10 triceps dips
30 sec plank
30 sec high knee run on spot
16 lunges
30 sec side plank
20 push-ups
5 push-ups with rotation
20 squats

plus 30 minutes of the core workout with necessary adaptations.

Working out with two bare, busted knees and a broken finger makes me feel like a beetle that fell on it’s back. It takes me ages to get up from any lying position.

Song of the workout? I already told you! :-P

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