a run is a run is a run

total distance: 8.9 km
total elevation: 795 m (rolling hills)
fastest pace: 6:10 /km

I didn’t sleep well last night, lots of bad dreams. I was determined to go out running though after two mornings of maybe-ifs-not going. The skin on my knees is healing, it’s tight, so tight it feels like it’s going to tear, which hurts. Thankfully the joints are fine though.

Though I woke up early I stayed in bed until it got bright outside. Over breakfast (fruit with nuts and soya yoghurt) I contemplated running the hill. It’s Saturday and it’s cold and quite dull outside. Chances are the hill is completely deserted. Sense prevailed and I chose the ‘safer’ option, Courtown Woods.

Stopped for about 10min of the overall run asking for directions and getting lost in the woods again. It wasn’t too bad though, I did stay on paths, I just didn’t know where they would take me… I estimate 70% of this run was off any main paths or road but at least now I have pegged out this place enough to be able to do a decent pace run – next week?
My head (or heart?) wasn’t really in it, today. It was a long slog. The new app telling me every 5 minutes that I’m basically crawling along actually demoralises me a bit. I notice that now.
I used to run without target paces and mainly enjoyed running far, and then farther still.

I need to change my expectations and go back to a place were running, just running is good enough and enjoyable. Last year I ran a HM distance without experiencing anything like what’s happening these days. This focusing on a race is a completely different challenge then I expected. Having had two accidents within a 2 week period is also really messing with my head.

Just re-reading and thinking today’s run over… I’m glad I went out. I achieved simply by being out there and doing it. So, it was a good run, really.

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