Week 4 – long run

Total distance: 12.89 km
average pace: 8:39 /km
fastest pace: 6:00 /km
total ascent: 393 m

I was eager to go for a long run today and actually complete the full distance without any hmm accidents?

It’s a grey, mizzly day here today. The clouds are thick and the light is quite dull but because it hasn’t rained in a few weeks now the mud on the paths is (very uneven) soft ground. Runable? Yes, if you watch your step, which I did.

It’s funny how running becomes trance like when all you can do is focus un the three meters right in front of your feet, navigating where you’re placing your foot without actually watching your feet making contact…

I ran around and then up the hill to the picnic spot, turned around there and dropped down on the far side. On the side road going down to the beach I met the milk tanker. It’s always a spectacle to watch him turn on a dime!
So down to the beach I went and did about 1.5km on the sand and then came back up the hill again.

Good run, long run. Comfortable pace and just about tolerable ascents and descents.

When I got back I did three sets of 7 minute workouts on the back patio (no it’s not warm and lovely and sunshine etc. I just thought I’d enjoy being outside a bit longer)
The usual, jumping jacks, wall sits, push-ups, lunges, crunches, squats etc for the first set and then I mixed it with some of my own core exercises and finished off with 7 minutes of stretching.

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