short run – apparently the thing to do on a Tuesday morning

That’s according to my App and the training plan I’ve decided to follow. So, I got out early and I went out to do my first ever ‘train because it says so’ run. I have my long run scheduled for tomorrow and it seems strange to go out the day before, but there you go, I wont know if that’s a good idea until I try it. I should know by mid morning tomorrow.

Total distance: 3.61 km
Time : 27 min
average pace: 7:30 /km

I went down to Courtown into the forest leisure center park (I think I spent more time driving there and back than actually running) and ended up on muddy paths again. I was ok about that because it’s suppose to be an easy jog and the mud flats I found myself traversing barely allowed a walk. It was more a stop, look, aim, jump, slide, stop, leap, mixed in with some laugh out loud and the odd curse. i think 1/4 of the ‘run’ was spent like that. (1.2 km – 2 km mark…)

route 17:02:2015

If it wasn’t so wet, I think it would be a great place to run, it certainly is pretty. There is an old stone cross with a sign on it saying, it’s ‘barely Christian’ – ok, maybe not, could also mean early Christian ;-)

early christian

And here the quick run by the High Cross of Kilbride photo:

High Cross

It’s very ancient all around down there with a lovely atmosphere. I’m gonna have to go back with a bit of time and a camera.

17:02:2015 run

That wasn’t possible today. I had to rush back to meet the forestry guys at my house who are currently repairing the fence they wrecked 3 years ago.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like a great place to run! Hope you enjoy it when it’s dry someday too:) good work!

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