long run – all going according to plan

13.91 km
1:47 min
ascent 220m
fastest pace 6:09 /km
average pace: 7:44 /km

I woke up to heavy rain and was rather upset because I feared I might not get to go out this morning. Thankfully it cleared a bit while I was having breakfast so I went out. Up first then 2/3 circle at the top being denied access to the usual routes due to the felling going on. And as I descended to get down to the beach the sun came out.

I could hear the waves on the beach before I could see them. That usually means bigger waves. The tide was nearly all the way in but what was left was lovely firm sand! It was great. I switched off the podcast I was listening to. I just wanted to be there with all my senses.

When I had done the entire beach and back to my exit point I still had 3 km to go, so I just kept on running and did another leg on the sand before running back to the road and inland to finish.

It was a good run. It was a plod as in it didn’t feel very fast, but I’m confident I can finish a 21 km run in seven weeks.

When I got home I did 15 minutes of stretches and core work to finish off. I needed it. After the long beach run my calve muscles were rather tight.

19:02:15 run

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