week 6 – Saturday morning short run

Woke up to a crispy cold morning with frost on the lawn. That made today’s route choice rather easy as I didn’t fancy anymore accidents on that horribly slippery stretch between here and the far side of the hill. Now that the fence has been fixed I had to run around our garden, not a bad thing because now at least the first 300 m are at a moderate incline.

2/3s up the hill I came across the first heavy machinery tracks. I wasn’t aware they are felling above our house, too! The paths were completely upturned by the big tires and there was no running it at all. So i walked until I got to the circuit. Even here it was slow going, but to be honest I was ok with that. I consider today’s run nearly a day off after Wednesday’s long one and the upcoming interval training tomorrow.

My app recorded

Distance: 4.8 km
Time: 34:30 min
average pace: 7:07 /km
fastest pace: 6:33 /km
ascent: 208 m

but I reckon it missed a bit because I was going so slow over the worse stretch (bottom left in the collage below), it probably thought I was stopping, which I was, I suppose ;-)

The time should be at least 2 minutes more and the average pace then is 7:33 /km which still seems too fast for what I was doing.

It’s a beautiful day here today and it was a great little walk/run. Oh, and it’s exactly 7 more weeks to go!!

21:02:15 run

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  1. Rachel says:

    7 weeks and you’re putting in good work! Great job, my friend!

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