week 6 – interval training x 2

Today’s plan was to do a set of 4 x 1:30min fast, followed by 1:00 slow running, sandwiched in between 5 minute warm up and another 5 minute cool down. I was at a mere 2.5 km after that so instead of just running to complete a minimum of 5 km I decided to do second set of intervals (minus the second warm-up).

Total distance: 5.8 km
Time: 42 min
Average pace: 7:30 /km
Fastest pace: 5:03/5:33 /km (during the first/second set)

It was absolutely bucketing this morning so I went out in the afternoon, which is very unusual for me. Running after eating lunch is not really my thing. Plus there were a lot of people out and about. Yes, it is Sunday and yes, is had stopped raining so everybody and their dogs was out and about. I know I’m spoilt!

Did a set of core exercises and stretches to finish off today’s exercising. I need to start working my upper body soon – as soon as the splint comes off.

No song of the run – I was busy listening to the apps prompts ;-)

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