week 6 – the long one

Distance: 15.75 m
Time 2:06:00 min
Average pace: 8:00 /km
Fastest pace: 5:48 /km
Ascent: 324m
Descent: 442m

Because the felling is ongoing just above the house I chose the route around the hill on our road before ascending. I knew that meant lots of puddles on the first km, actually it was one continuous mud feast… I don’t like starting the run with wet feet, but there was nothing that could be done about it.

Augen zu und durch! – that’s a German proverb and translates to something like: Close your eyes and just get through it.

There was no felling on the circuit at the top of the hill so I did a few laps. Again, the paths were rather muddy so progress was slower than if it had been dry. I kept an eye on the miles and when i had enough I dropping down to the other side to run the beach.

I tend to find the first 7 km the hardest (could it be the terrain??) after that it gets easier and come 12-13 I tend to just go on and on so much so that I actually had no problem to (unintentionally) go beyond today’s training target of 15k. The beach was pretty firm so running was good. J picked me up at the end of the beach road to save me the uphill back home. I’ll save that for my longest long run in three weeks :-I

run 25:02:15

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  1. Rachel says:

    Brilliant! Well done in the mud and all. Very inspiring!

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