week 7 – a short run the day before the long run

distance: 4.0 km plus 0.7 km back to the car
time: 35 min
average pace: 7.24 /km
fastest pace: 5:38 /km
total ascent: 102 m

Today’s objective was to run a short, easy run to keep moving without the agenda of long distance or pace. I went out early and decided to give the muddy paths here on the hill a miss to keep my new runners clean ;-) and to clock more tarmac running time. my aim was to do 4 km at an easy pace. I was done after 29 min and stopped the clock when I got to the pier where I did a 7 minute stretch and core workout. It was a beautiful morning, freezing cold and mad windy. At 8:45 m there weren’t even dog walkers around, I loved it.
run 03:03:15

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