week nine – long run

Total distance: 18km

Total time: 2:16:00

total ascent: 355 m

total descent: 436 m

average pace: 7:34/km

fastest pace: 5:32/km

I set out to run 18km this morning in preparation for the HM in a little over three weeks. This is my longest training run before the event.

I decided to start my run with an ascent because that’s what the race profile is like too. After the hill I stuck to the side roads. It’s a public holiday so there wasn’t much traffic at 9:30am. I ended up running back to Courtown Woods and finished off at the end of the pier.

It was a tough run today. I could feel my right ankle from about 12 km. It wasn’t painful but there was some irritation and I was aware that it affected my gait. It’s probably a combination of new shoes and road running.

With three weeks to go I now have to think about what to do next?

I think I’ll stick to shorter distances for at least a week and keep an eye on the ankle. Maybe taper off now? Or do another 16 – 18km run next week as my long run and then taper off? I think I will taper and do something like 12-14 km as a long distance is enough until the race.

Injury prevention is at the top of my list :-)

17:03:15 run

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