weeks 7, 8 and 9 – a summary of the missing weeks

These are the runs I did but couldn’t log while my server was down. I’d like to add some photos but that will have to wait for another day.

4th march ’15 (Wednesday – long run week 7)

distance: 16.53 km
time: 2:05:30
average pace: 7:36 /km
fastest pace: 6:02 /km
total ascent: 182 m
total descent: 300 m

Wonderful crispy morning. It was cold enough to require hat and gloves for the first 30 min. I left before 8 am and did my first ever mostly road run.

Lots of icy puddles but hardly any traffic. Still, I was glad when I turned off the road and headed down to the beach and the forest. There was a km of very slow progress between 9-10.

It was a real confidence booster though. It’s easy to run on roads if anything maybe a tiny bit boring. I got compensated by running through the park and along the river in Courtown for the last few km.

The shoes were perfect. I feel good about the race in five weeks now.

7th march ’15 (Saturday – week 8)

Week 8 is a week off, so I will take it easy this week with just a few jogs, some walking and a 10 k long run.

Distance: 7 km
time: 58 min
total ascent: 118m
average pace: 8:20 /km
fastest pace: 5:52 /km

5 km run and then 2 km cool down with fast pace (can’t call it sprinting, sorry) followed by 1 min walk.

It’s a pretty mild day out there but as dull as dish water. I had an exhausting Thursday/Friday and really didn’t feel like running this am. Got it done though.

10th march ’15 (Tuesday – week 8)

Distance 6.10 km
time: 1:20:00
ascent 180 m

It being my week off I decided to go for a walk up the hill to see how runnable the tracks are now that the felling has finished. They aren’t runnable, the tracks, on large stretches. I guess I’ll be road running between now and the HM.
Maybe just as well as part of getting ready for Connemarathon is getting ready to run on Irish roads, too.

11th march ’15 (wednesday – week 8)

Distance: 9.71 km
Time: 1:09:33
total ascent: 118m
total descent: 237m
fastest pace: 5:15 /km
average pace: 7:10 /km

After a truly miserable morning the sun came out at lunchtime. The weather people got it right again, wow!

I took to the road though, there was enough surface water just on the tarmac to let our road look like a little stream. No point of ruining a good run with insane mud… Nor the new shoes ;-)

I headed down to the beach and one of the streams was so high I couldn’t cross it so I turned back onto the road and did a there and back in previously unchartered territory (I hadn’t been down that particular road before except in a car). It’s a very narrow road and people drive way to fast. When I had enough km on the clock I turned back to enjoy the fantastic beach one more time.

It was just magnificent down there today.

13th march ’15 (friday – week 9)

Distance: 7 km
time: 54 min
average pace: 7:43 /km
fastest pace: 5:16 /km
total ascent 178 m

I was suppose to do an easy 5 k jog today. I couldn’t resist the hill though, the sunshine and general temperature were just too perfect. It was muddy muddy muddy from all the rain lately but I didn’t care until I was at the top. And then I did ;-) so I desiced to stick to the mud free paths and the road. I finished running the long way down and around the hill on the road adding a steep ascent back up to the house at the finish.


15 March ’15

Distance: 5:82 km
time: 45:22 min
average pace: 7:47 /km
fastest pace: 5:59 /km

Morning run under a tupperware* (was tubber ware ;-)) sky followed by another .82 km walk home – felt pretty lousy with some nasty tummy craps. The first run (ever?) without a single photo.

It’s done, that’s the best part of it. :-P

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