setting a new goal

I haven’t even done my first race and am beginning to contemplate the next one. I seem to have the race bug.

The next race I have in mind is in Potsdam – home turf, so to speak, though I’ve never lived in Potsdam. I grew up right on the boarder between Berlin and Potsdam though so part of the race are about 2-3 km away from where I lived 30 years ago. I thought about doing this race last year. Circumstances weren’t right though.

The main reason why I’m contemplating it this year is that I will be in town when it’s on.

It looks like an easy run and a beautiful one, too!
It would be very different from the rugged wild of the Connemara race as it will pass all the castles in the historical city (Prussian Kaiser Palace). I say easy because the maximum elevation is something like 15 m on any one stretch. Maybe it will be fiercely fast instead and I will have to reign in throughout to be able to finish.

I best finish the Connemarathon before committing 100%. There are exactly 8 weeks between the two races. I think that would be enough provided I come away from Connemara without any strain injury.

With Potsdam in mind I think differently about Connemara though. I want to finish the race with a solid, steady performance without breaking any speed records. My goal is to finish a race feeling so good that I could continue running.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Touring the castles sounds brilliant…we don’t wuite have those options here in the states! You’re prepping well for your race, and it’s neat you have some ideas about future races too!

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