Week 10 – a 10 km run with  my race buddy

I had my first ever running date with the friend who got me into doing the race in three weeks time.

Truth be told I was nervous about going for this run because I run very slowly. I know I do. That really doesn’t matter, because I just don’t run with others so I can take as long as I like, stop, take photos etc.

She said she runs slow too.  Well, today we were able to find who is slower.

Distance: 10.2 km

Total time: 1:14:14

Average pace: 7:17/km

Fastest pace: 5:48/km

Total ascent: 263 m

It was a great run but also a tough run. N has a faster pace than me. On the uphill sections we both stuck to our own paces so she usually waited at the top. If there was a junction she sometimes took the other turn and then doubled back to catch up with me. That worked out really well.

It was fun, it was different and for me it was faster but in a good way. I was bushed after the 10km though I did manage to push my pace until the very end. I’m pleased with that.

My ankle behaved, my knee was ok too. I did drag my right leg towards the end though. It was just fatigue I think.

We set a new running date for Tuesday. 12-13km.

20:03:15 run profile

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