Week 10 – a short long run

24:03:15 runDistance: 10.3 km

Time: 1:12:10

Average pace: 7:03/min

Fastest pace: 5:39/min

Total ascent: 98m


Today was my second run date with N, I had plotted a route around the hill on the roads for 12-13km. It’s a cool, breezy but sunny day here in Ireland today and we both wore a double layer of clothes. We went down the hill and turned left at the junction and then headed for Gorey. It was funny to run the narrow country lanes I normally drive with the car. Traffic was very light half a dozen cars maybe. The first three km had some steep climbs and then it was a continuous downhill for over a km.

When we turned left onto the main road, traffic increased and we were back to climb the hill. N has a tendency to speed up in traffic while I’m the opposite and even stop to let cars pass me. That pulled us appart for 20-30 m over a stretch of a km. She was clearny being held back by my pace so I suggested she take a detour of an extra km and then we met back up again to finish the circuit around the hill.

I had worked out another 2 km loop locally but was very happy to finish after 10k. I can feel the road running in my joints. My right ankle was a bit uncomfortable for a while but settled down during the later part of the run.

So my long run was cut short from 12 to 10. It’s ok. I’m tapering off. My pace was over two minutes faster than on Fridays run though that also had 100m more of total ascent ;-)

I enjoyed it a lot.


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