Week 12 – I want to be a winner – last training run before the race

It’s a beautiful day here today. The sun is shining and there is hardly any wind. Yesterday was just as glorious and so it was actually pleasantly warm at 10am and I was rather overdressed in long trousers and two tops.



run 07:04:15

I was late setting out because we had someone call to our house who wanted to buy the surfboard we haven’t used in 15 years. He bought it! So now that will cover all the costs of the trip to the race, yay!!

I’m cautious about running now because the race is getting closer and closer. There is a fear of injury and also an underlying anxiety about not depleting my energy stores while still wanting to run. My pace is getting faster and faster and so any running results in some kind of personal best.

I think I’ve done all I can do and yet I’m nervous that somehow it won’t work out. At the same time I know I have done EVERYTHING that I can do.

I’ve invested a lot of person energy into this first ever race though, too. I want to win this race. By winning I don’t mean be better than everyone else in lets say my age group. I want to succeed. I feel like being 8 1/2 months pregnant again. I’ve taken all my vitamins, did all the classes, rubbed my skin with oil, rested, refueled, meditated etc. This time I don’t want to loose again.


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