Week 12 – one before Last

Distance: 7.44km

Time: 50 min

Average pace: 6:50/km

Fastest pace: 5:54/km

Total ascent: 166m


I woke up to a hill engulfed in fog, which was rather unexpected after yesterday’s glorious sunshine.


07:03:15 run

It’s Easter Sunday so the road was off limits as our neighbourhood turns into holiday craziness with lots of people from Dublin coming down for a long weekend. And it being a religious holiday I didn’t want to chance running past the little church. It was nice being back on the hill. I ran around to the far side and then up to the top where I can a circle (1 mile) and then back the way I came. The tracks are getting better as time goes by. Better is relative, obviously. Some stretches remind me of horse jumping events, with logs before puddles. I stopped at the picnic bench to do a seven minute workout.

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